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The Enterpise Society is one of the most active and innovative societies in the UK.

“The sure way to miss success is to miss the opportunity.” Victor Chasles

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About us

The Enterprise Society's mission is to inspire, encourage and develop enterprise in everyone.
Whatever the mind can conceive and believe, the mind can achieve

The Anglia Ruskin Enterprise Society is one of the most active enterprising and innovative societies in the UK. The society’s aim is to nurture both enterprising and entrepreneurial spirits within our members, the business community and the local communities. We believe that one may be “enterprising” and “entrepreneurial” within an already established organisation just as much as a new start up organisation - undertaking new business ventures and being innovative is a major component of this. We are a non-profit organisation operating out of the Anglia Ruskin University. It is developed and managed by enterprising and business-inspired students, for enterprise-inspired people. It encourages students and ambitious people from outside the University, to join the Society, participate and take advantage of the opportunities it presents.

  • Encourage

    To inspire, promote and encourage enterprise and entrepreneurship.

  • Create

    Foster an environment where opportunities may be created and explored.

  • Develop

    Developing opportunities and enterprising skills.

  • Connect

    Success through networking and collaboration.

Our Team

Anglia Ruskin Enterprise Society is a student-led, non-profit organisation. Our team tends to consist of enterprising students who want to make a difference.
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Katarzyna Jez

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Petr Maly

Business Operations Manager
Responsible and reliable business undergraduate studying Human Resource Management interested in a variety of projects in order to develop skills and experience in this area and prepare for a career on graduation.
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Klara Block

VP of Media
Graphic design student at Cambridge School of Art, interested in both creative and entrepreneurial activities. Excited about gaining new experiences, likes to inspire and get inspired.
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Lynda Jeannot

Lead Graphic Designer
I am a graphic and web designer who loves working for Art, Education,Technology, and Community projects. I use my design experience and communication skills to give them a voice.
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Eunice Raciwu

Communication Officer
“Eunice Raciwu is a second year undergraduate student studying Business Economics and Co-president of the Bright Futures Society. Interested in areas that encourage and develop others to maximise their potential.”
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Sharon Kabubi

Communication Officer
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Haseena Mooncey

VP of Finance
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Regina Raycheva

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Charlotte Jenkins

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Bogdan Muresn

VP of Technology
Bogdan is a Second year Computer Gaming Technology student at Anglia Ruskin that aims to create an Independent Game Studio in the growing Industry

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