Idea generation

""How Google does it: Idea Generation"

“”How Google does it: Idea Generation”

Where? LAB307, Anglia Ruskin University, Cambridge, United Kingdom

When? Wed, 18 Nov 2015 at 13:00

Event Description

The Anglia Ruskin Enterprise Society is proud to announce the spectacular ex-Googlemarketing expert and entrepreneur, Rich Pleeth, will be joining us at Anglia Ruskin University on the 18th of November for a spectacular Idea Generation workshop.

Rich Pleeth is an an ex-Google marketing expert and entrepreneur and was in charge of making Google Chrome the number one internet browser; looking after Google Doodles and the launch of Chromebooks.

Rich moved from Google to the biggest competitor to Uber (revolutionary world-wide taxi company), and became the Chief Marketing Officer at GetTaxi (, and grew the valuation of the company by over $1 billion!! Rich has now started his own business and with is co-founders, has raised over $1 million in startup funding!

Rich will share with us his experiences at Google, GetTaxi, and other organisations he has worked for in the past. Rich will also share his insight into the business of “mobile”, the trends statistics and what the future may look like thanks to the revolution of mobile and Internet. A great opportunity for those with an app idea to gain valuable insight from the perspective of an ex-Google employee.

Don’t miss out on this Workshop as Rich will run a short one-day interactive business challenge, designed to develop your skills such as marketing, commercial awareness and teamwork. The format of the business challenge is called a “Growth hack”, and is used by all the biggest organisations such as Google, Coca Cola, Disney, and many others.

The added bonus to this is that the experience you will gain from this workshop, acts as evidence for the ARU Employability Programme (for students) – ie. Get certified employability skills that are highly sought after by employers!

One more thing, Rich has informed us of a little secret, he may be on the lookout for enterprising and entrepreneurial individuals, who may want to work at Sup, Google, L’oreal and some other places Rich and his team have worked at in the past, so don’t forget to bring along your enthusiasm!

Please book your place as spaces will be limited! This is a fabulous opportunity to meet Rich and his co-founders, and as per usual, we will invite some of our business partners, sponsors and friends to come so you may have the opportunity to network with them too!!

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