Research Initiative Debrief


The Anglia Ruskin Enterprise Society has recently conducted a research project on the student community at Anglia Ruskin University, using an advanced psychometric instrument based upon five years of research, Dynamiqe, which is an easy-to-use online application that helps you chart your steps to entrepreneurial success.

What is Dynamiqe

Dynamiqe generates self-awareness and social understanding, which are both essential for developing the leadership skills needed for growing a sustainable and thriving venture. With higher self and social awareness, we are more likely to adapt our behaviour to the situation and inspire others to break through self-limiting beliefs.

The Benefits of Dynamiqe

Dynamiqe supports entrepreneurs, founders and change-makers to achieve a number of outcomes:

  • Clearer and more realistic personal and business goals
  • Stronger start-up teams
  • Better alignment and commitment of co-founders
  • Purpose for Research

Purpose of Research

The purpose was essentially market research into the demographic of Anglia Ruskin University students and their inclination and motivation to entrepreneurship.

This debrief session is a workshop that dives deeper into the insights we have gained from this research, how it will direct us going forward, and how the participants may utilise this free* resource to the absolute maximum potential.

* Dynamiqe has been offered to participants for free for a short period, as part of this collaborative effort with the Anglia Ruskin Enterprise Society.

For more information on the Dynamiqe tool, please visit