Workshop: Optimising Profit from International Distribution

The Anglia Ruskin Enterprise Society is proud to host a special workshop on…

Optimising Profit from International Distribution


Making more money is not just about selling more – it’s all about profitability – and profitability is all about getting the pricing and the distribution structure right.

The focus of this workshop is how to optimise profits from selling through distribution channels –
and especially international distribution channels (Import or Export)

How to optimise profits when embarking on selling internationally, or through any distribution channels, is a complex endeavour. It is always important to consider the price-profit implications of different distribution channels, even before the first attempts to approach customers and business partners in new markets.

Obviously, the first steps are to research the market to understand the competitive situation and which price customers are likely to be happy to pay.

The key question is: What is the right distribution structure, to make the most money from selling internationally?

Some of the considerations and questions which will be covered in the workshop:

–  Building and supporting distribution channels
–  Understanding profits from selling through channels
–  What is the right distribution structure?
–  When to use different distribution structures for different markets?
–  Setting the right price
–  When can, or can’t, prices be differentiated between markets and customers?
–  When does selling less, make more money?

There are not always simple answers to these questions – and what could work for one company, may not be ideal for another.


  • This workshop is aimed at startups and small businesses who import or export to or from the UK. Society members who are struggling on determining their price point may also benefit from this workshop. 
  • Up to 4 members from the senior management team may attend per business. The Founder/s must be amongst the attendees.
  • Space is limited to 15 businesses.
  • Attendees are required to answer a few questions with their registration, please provide as much detail as possible. All information is kept completely confidential.
  • We will confirm your registration when we have reviewed the information you have submitted about your business.


This workshop is delivered by Taus Nohrlind

Taus Nohrlind is a Visiting Fellow at Anglia Ruskin University, Chairman of the Institute of Directors Cambridgeshire and founder of Guide2Growth. Guide2Growth is an academic-commercial collaboration with Anglia Ruskin University, Cambridge. The Guide2Growth project aims to develop a solution for ‘Accelerated Global Expansion’ for small businesses, through undertaking research on SME internationalisation across more than 50 countries. More at .

An important part of the Guide2Growth research, is to understand how different distribution structures can be used to penetrate and build different markets, to optimise profitability and ensure the best possible scalability of an international expansion.

More about this specific research: Anglia Ruskin University – Research on Sales & Profitability

The workshop is based on many years of practical work with building distribution structures.


15:50 Registration

16:15 Introduction

16:20 Part 1

Presentation of the frameworks and key issues when establishing and supporting international distribution channels.

17:20 Coffee Break, snacks

17:50 Part 2

Interactive session – You work on how to adapt the frameworks to your business and will receive individual guideance and advice.

19:00 Q&A

19:30 Coffee, Light dinner and Informal Networking

20:00 Close

Anglia Ruskin University – Cambridge – East Road, Cambridge CB1 1PT, United Kingdom

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